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 Chef Satchel Apron 

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If you’ve seen any of my videos lately, you know I’m a massive fan of the chef satchel apron with leather straps. To be honest, I never was much of an apron guy when it came to the kitchen, but my friends bought me this chef satchel apron for my birthday 2 years ago, my cooking experience was changed forever. 


 Not only does this this apron look great, but it’s functionality will really elevate your cooking game straight to pro home cook status. The sturdy but flexible canvas material creates the perfect barrier from the cooking mess that usually would find its way on my clothing. Having the handy towel towl strap makes cleaning a cinch and there’s multiple pockets for easy organization. This apron might be a little more of investment for you, but it’s such a quality product that will last you years in the kitchen! 

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