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Ready to break free of recipes for good and cook new unique delicious meals every night? Conquer the Kitchen is a unique cooking course specifically designed for home cooks to take their home cooking to the next level. 



Learn how to master the art of sourdough bread baking in the most comprehensive baking class on the internet. This online class features over three hours of baking content that has helped hundreds of people start their sourdough journey




Want to learn how I brew “Better than Store Bought” Kombucha At Home? Then click the link below to gain FREE access to my “Kombucha Quick-Start” video training! 


 Who is Mike G? 

Over the past seven years, Mike G has been on a mission to spread his passion of home cooking through educational and entertaining digital food content. Through his youtube channel with 2.2 millions subscribers and his online course, he has inspired thousands of people to overcome their fears of the kitchen and take back the art of cooking. ​


Mike believes that cooking is an intrinsic part of life, but unfortunately, it has lost a lot of its value in our current culture. By creating a stronger cooking foundation in your life, you will be able to provide for the people you love, live a healthier lifestyle and connect more deeply to yourself.

​With engaging video content and an educational platform, Mike spreads his message of empowerment in the kitchen and is growing a global movement of pro-home cooks.

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 Chef Satchel Apron 


Use my code Mike15 at checkout for 15% of your first apron! 

If you’ve seen any of my videos lately, you know I’m a massive fan of the chef satchel apron with leather straps. To be honest, I never was much of an apron guy when it came to the kitchen, but my friends bought me this chef satchel apron for my birthday 2 years ago, my cooking experience was changed forever. 


 Not only does this this apron look great, but it’s functionality will really elevate your cooking game straight to pro home cook status. The sturdy but flexible canvas material creates the perfect barrier from the cooking mess that usually would find its way on my clothing. Having the handy towel towl strap makes cleaning a cinch and there’s multiple pockets for easy organization. This apron might be a little more of investment for you, but it’s such a quality product that will last you years in the kitchen! 







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