This is the gear we use every day. We believe in using high quality yet affordable gear to best outfit your kitchen for the long term and elevate your cooking experience.

 Chef Satchel Apron 


If you’ve seen any of my videos lately, you know I’m a massive fan of the chef satchel apron with leather straps. To be honest, I never was much of an apron guy when it came to the kitchen, but my friends bought me this chef satchel apron for my birthday two years ago, my cooking experience was changed forever. 


Not only does this this apron look great, but it’s functionality will really elevate your cooking game straight to pro home cook status. The sturdy but flexible canvas material creates the perfect barrier from the cooking mess that usually would find its way on my clothing. Having the handy towel towl strap makes cleaning a cinch and there’s multiple pockets for easy organization. This apron might be a little more of investment for you, but it’s such a quality product that will last you years in the kitchen! 

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 Sardel Stainless Steel Pans 

Having a good set of stainless steel pots and pans should be mandatory for every kitchen. They are extremely versatile, they perform incredibly well and they will last you forever. Unfortunately stainless steel kitchen ware tends to be really expensive holding most people back from investing in their own set. 


That’s where Sardel comes into the picture! Sardel has cut out the middle man to bring you affordable stainless steel pots that are still incredibly well made. If you’ve seen my videos, you know I use my Sardel pots and pans a lot! These pan are are made in Italy and quality shows when you cook with them!

10% discount of any pots or pans  

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 Hand Crafted By Bruce 

If you’ve seen any of my videos you know I’m obsessed with my wood cutting board. I get bummed out whenever I go into someones kitchen and I see them cutting on a plastic or even glass :( cutting boards! There’s just something very natural feeling when metal slices on wood and the whole experience gets taken to another level when it’s on a Hand Crafted by Bruce cutting board. Bruce hand crafts every single cutting board completely from scratch. He starts by gluing together different colored natural woods to give the board a beautiful pattern then he finishes the boards off with a natural mineral stain (that is food safe) to give the cutting boards an extra pop!


The only problem I’ve ever seen with this boards (I’ve given out dozens as gifts over the years) is that people are nervous to cut on them because they are so beautiful. But I swear these things can handle a beating in the kitchen and bruce wouldn’t be happy unless his cutting boards are being put to good use!  I’ve been using my cutting board for over seven years and its still looks fantastic. Care for your boards is simple, all it takes is a few wipes of natural mineral oil (which bruce is kind enough to supply with your order) every month to make it shine again.  I’m telling you, this will be your favorite new addition to your kitchen, and there’s even a Pro Home Cooks cutting board if you want the same pattern that we use over in the studio! Bruce designed the color pattern so food pops off the dark wood and looks excellent on video or in photos! 


 Field Company Cast Iron Pans 

A good cast iron pan will completely revolutionize your cooking. A great cast iron pan, well I didn’t even know they existed before I got my first Field Company Skillet. I pretty much use this pan for everything in the kitchen, from cooking all types of meats, creating beautiful stir fry’s, to fry up some tasty dough. Without any actual effort my field company pan went from unseasoned to perfectly seasoned by just cooking on it a few times. There is a slight learning curve when it comes to handling cast iron but the main keys are to keep it nice a greased up so it stays nonstick and too make sure you don’t wash it too often with soapy water. You will not regret spending a little more money to invest in a great cast iron pan. This thing will last you a lifetime with proper care! 


Featured item - 12” Field Skillet