The BATTLE of the best Cheese Sandwich: 🇬🇧 vs 🇺🇸

Growing up, I consumed an ungodly amount of grilled cheese sandwiches. So when I first heard that there was a British version of the classic grilled cheese sandwich I was certainlyintrigued. The issue was that outside of the internet I had no personal experience with the British version so I set out to sample the Welsh Rarebit in person!

In this episode of the sandwich series, join me as I venture out to the West Village in  NYC where the British restaurant called Tea & Symphony is located. There I meet the owner Nicky Perry, who is a true brit with a spunky personality standing up for her country's cuisine. She personally makes me her famous Welsh Rarebit Sandwich and gives me a couple of her tips and tricks to really make this sandwich stand out against the crowd.

Fully loaded with the best tips and a delicious welsh rarebit sandwich, I head back to my home kitchen to make my own sandwich from scratch in true Pro Home Cooks style. I used the sandwich bread recipe inThe Ultimate Bread Baking Handbookas the base to hold all the delicious toppings. Once accomplished and satisfied, I put this welsh rarebit sandwich to compete against the all american grilled cheese sandwich.

Who will will this showdown? The british welsh rarebit sandwich or the classic american grilled cheese...Click here to find out!

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