There's been a revolution in home pizza makers....

Making wood fire pizzas at home used to be close to impossible unless you had your own wood fired oven in your backyard or owned a pizzeria. But now there are so many companies trying to create a pizza oven for pro home cooks like us to use and I couldn't be more excited about it.

After my first pizza oven review, you guys suggested that I try out the ooni pizza oven and well, here is the full review for you! I choose the ooni frye which is their pizza oven that is completely fired by wood. With this oven you get to cook with real fire and get the full experience of what its like to make pizza with a wood fired oven. I have been having so much fun making pizzas with the ooni frye. It really makes for a great wood fired experience. The smokiness, the char, and the fire are just a couple of reason as to why this oven is great. If you want to see the full review and a delicious and easy pizza dough recipe that is done in just one day check out the full video here!


Wood flavor: The Ooni Fyre gives you an authentic wood fire pizza experience that you can have right at home. It gives your pizza that smoky flavor and almost unattainable char that can be difficult to get without that wood fire. All you need to do it is pour some wood pellets of your choice into the hopper and get that baby ripping hot. Next thing you know, you're popping out pizzas like you own the neighborhood pizza joint.

Portability: You can take the ooni anywhere! The foldable legs, detachable chimney, & hopper makes this wood fire pizza oven super portable. You can take it camping, to the beach, to a friends house... honestly, really anywhere and you can be cranking out pizzas in just minutes.

Price: Compared to the other pizza maker I tested out, the ooni fyre is about $250! Thats 300% cheaper than its competitor and the closest thing to having an actual wood oven in your backyard. This great price point allows for more pro home cooks to start making wood fired pizzas at home. Click here if you are interested in purchasing your very own!

Easy Clean Up: The matte black finish on the ooni fyre makes for easy clean up and as the machine gets older you won't see most of the wear and tear because of this. Since it was meant to be outside it is important that clean up is easy. All you really need to do to the ooni is to wipe it down. Super simple

and easy!


Learning curve: There is a learning curve to using this pizza oven. You will most likely have a couple of burnt pizzas before you really get the hang of it. In just 10 seconds it can go from have some perfect leoparding to being on fyre. This isn't a set it and forget it kind of oven but with some practice you'll likely to get the hang of it.

Small Viewing Hole: Being able to see inside the oven helps to know when to turn your pizza and know when its ready to come out. The viewing hole for the ooni fyre is extremely small. It's only a couple of inches big and seeing into the oven is very difficult because of it.

Inconsistency: Just like with any cooking medium there are cons and wood is not exception. Since you will be cooking outside, most times you are exposed to the elements and will have no control over it. If a big gust of wind comes by it will push the fire to the side of the pizza and possibly burn it. It can be tricky to get perfect pizza every single time but that just the name of the game. It's what makes wood fire pizzas special.

Must Be Used Outside: Because you are working with fire you have to be cooking outside. Theres tons of smoke that you really don't want to be inside your home. However, if you are looking for a gas pizza oven check out the ooni website as they have other ovens!

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